4:59 Barberlounge :15 Radio Campaign. Some things just don’t mix.

Here are a series of 15-second spots that helped to frame the unique selling proposition of the 4:59 barberlounge brand — namely that “real men don’t belong in female-centric salons.”  We pushed the envelope of good taste a little in one of these spots, but after considerable conversation and careful media placement, we felt we were fine. Just guys talking to guys. 4:59 did get a lot of phone calls from these ads. After all, that’s the objective, right?

Another little twist for this campaign was when we bought the spots as “bookends.”  The strategy was to wrap each of the 4:59 spots around another advertiser’s 30-second spot. The effect is pretty cool and catches the listener a little off guard, plus doubles the call to action frequency. Kind of clever.

Concept, copy and VO by Bernie Combs. Audio Engineering by Earshot Audio Post.