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Sharron Hill and I have been friends since my days as Marketing/Communications Director at MIBOR Realtor Association. She came to me later on a referral from another client and asked that I take a look at her existing website and help her sort some things out. As is typical for any new client of mine, Sharron and I met for about two and a half hours to discuss her needs and objectives for the site. After this, I suggested a complete overhaul of her existing identity and a whole new web presence at the center of a new communications plan I would help her craft and phase in over time.

This is the second evolution of her website I’ve done. I maintain all aspects of her website and it’s the centerpiece of her forward-facing, public image, but Sharron and some of her Brokers use components and the overall feel of the site in their personal marketing efforts that they do on their own.

Concept, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Portrait Photography (examples shown here), and Programming by Bernie Combs.