Langston Residential Development. This Is Living!

I’ve been working with Langston Development for a little while now. I was originally brought in to perform a branding audit of everything they were doing to define themselves—then provide affordable recommendations on how to better communicate their 40+ years of experience developing custom, residential neighborhoods in Hamilton County, Indiana.

My recommendation was pretty simple. We needed to tweak their identity and then focus on many of the things they weren’t doing. I can’t go into much detail, but we started with a new logo design, an awesome tagline, some targeted promotional channels, and now we’re bringing it all together with a redesigned website that’s more in line with the consumer and B2B audiences they seek.

I have to say, one of my strengths is planning a program where items can be phased in over time and lessen the financial burden on clients concerned they need everything all at once. This is an example of that. Helps to have a great client like Jim Langston, too.

Concept, Creative Direction, and Programming by Bernie Combs. Copywriting by Jim Langston and Bernie Combs. Select Photography Courtesy of Woodstock Custom Homes and David Weekley Homes.