Betsy B. Murphy. As you teach, so shall you learn.

Betsy B. Murphy (formerly, Betsy Blankenbaker) is an author, filmmaker, and humanitarian, and also a long-time friend. She’s a woman with a lot of stories to tell.

A few years ago, she asked me to consult on a web project that would help her tell her stories and do some promotional lifting for her first book. We decided to design a simple blog (she cringes when I use the term “blog” by the way) and that was that.

Well, times have changed since that original site and we’ve just completed a redesign that, I think, does an even better job of revealing the many sides of Betsy. She’s now getting ready to release her sixth book, is performing two different solo shows, and hosting retreats all around the world, teaching others how to find their voices through writing —pretty cool stuff.

This site is homepage-centric and nicely blends her storytelling with a bit of commerce. I’m proud of it… and of course, her too. Write on, Betsy!

Concept, Creative Direction, and Programming by Bernie Combs. Copywriting by Betsy B. Murphy.

The static, homepage screenshots shown to the right don’t demonstrate the subtle animation of the live site. Click here to see the site in action.